Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Tim Tebow Song Becomes a Thing

Sigh. [Shakes head sadly. It's not even NEW. That's not a knock on EDSBS for doing a post about it. Of all the blogs that posted about it, I'll send Orson the referrals.]

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  1. Let's do some fact-checking:

    1. Orson had it first in December as Spencer at The Sporting Blog. He did something fun with it.

    2. You write for that blog. The next day: No mention.

    3. Blutarsky had it first this week.

    4. ORSON ISN'T EVEN RUNNING EDSBS THIS WEEK. It's Doug Gillett at the helm.

    This leads me to a few questions:

    Do you read your own blog?

    Do you read EDSBS?

    Do you read?

    Dan, if you're not going to answer emails I send you about helping out with this blog, I'm going to call you on the utter shamelessness and occasional shoddiness of this blog. Point blank. Open up your comments for more than just bloggers and let the masses who you say adore Tebow leave their thoughts, too.

    Just a suggestion.