Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tim Tebow or Matt Leinart: Who Is Sporting News' College Football Player of the Decade?

My colleagues at Sporting News are putting together a list of their "players of the decade" in every sport.

The choice in college football is between Tim Tebow vs. Matt Leinart. (Vince Young fans, you may now commence your justifiable outrage.)

I think it is a little hard to judge -- you have to base your vote on Tebow's FIRST three years versus Leinart's 3-year career. What if Tebow wins another national title, another Heisman or both? Tebow's best year is arguably ahead of him.

But even if we're just comparing what Tebow has done through today versus what Leinart did in his career, I will still go with Tebow. (I'm sure you are surprised.)

I'm not saying it's not close -- right up until that national title game at the Rose Bowl, I thought that Matt Leinart was on track to be the greatest college football QB of all time.

Of course, Tebow's trajectory has eclipsed Leinart's -- with more to come this year.

(It begs a question: If the Gators fall short of a title, will Tebow's legacy be tarnished? Absolutely. And, if we're being fair, deservedly -- just like we've dinged Leinart for losing in that title game.)

Which brings us back to Vince Young. If there was any player to rival what Tebow has done -- and has yet to do -- it is VY.

Let's leave it at this: If Tebow lead the Gators to another national title -- let alone another Heisman -- he is the greatest college football player of the decade.

If he doesn't? After I have finished smacking my head against the wall for a few weeks, I would give "greatest college football player of the decade" to Vince Young.

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