Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tebow Tops Top 5 Most Intriguing QBs

Vaulting off this morning's earlier post about Greg Paulus suddenly making otherwise forgetting Syracuse interesting, let's rank the Top 5 Most Intriguing QBs in College Football:

(1) Tim Tebow. Forget the national-title repeat or the Heisman double-up. He is playing for nothing less than status as the greatest college QB -- or player -- of all time.

(2) Terrelle Pryor. I don't think a sophomore QB has been so ready to dominate since Tim Tebow in 2007. If Jim Tressel can lose the conservative outlook and let Pryor do his thing, wow.

(3) Jeremiah Masoli. The Pac-10's best QB is not at USC, in what feels like the first time in a decade (because it has been). If Oregon is to (finally) topple the Trojans, it is on Masoli.

(4) Jevan Snead. Expectations couldn't be higher for Ole Miss. Maybe they can't beat Florida a 2nd straight year, but Snead will be expected to lead Ole Miss to the SEC West title and a BCS-level bowl game.

(5) Greg Paulus. Come on -- he has made Syracuse interesting for the first time since Donovan McNabb left. Maybe it is a one-week wonder; maybe he fulfills his prep potential as the best QB in his class. The point is that he single-handedly makes Syracuse something to watch on TV.

Honorable Mention: Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford (because we kind of know what we're going to get -- yeah yeah: the OU-UT game is the Game of the Year. Got it.)... Aaron Corp/Matt Barkley... Max Hall... Zac Robinson... Daryll Clark...

Am I missing anyone? Put it in the Comments.

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  1. Is Tebow really more intriguing than Pryor? His storyline is, but his talent is well-established, whereas Pryor is a tantalizing mystery. Tebow is the same as McCoy or Bradford with some added personal pathos.

    Jake Locker's better than Jeremiah Masoli.

    You aren't interested in Jacory Harris? He's brasher than anyone Miami's had in a long time, but he has a winner's pedigree (HS MNC QB at Miami Northwestern) and an improving team behind him. What if he pulls an early upset on Miami's meat-grinder sked?

    You aren't interested in Ryan Mallett? He'll open some eyes.

    You aren't interested in Robert Griffin? He's faster than Pryor.

    (Also, you owe me an email, maybe?)