Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: Myth of Haters

Does Tim Tebow think he is overexposed? From Florida Media Day yesterday, via Antonya English's blog at
I just try to handle it the best I can, and be as nice as I can and (be) polite. Just be myself, be genuine, and if people get upset with that or people say it's this or that and he just does it for the hype, well you know there's going to be haters just like everything, just like haters of the University of Florida. You have to deal with that.
I have weighed in on this a couple of times over the last few weeks:

I don't believe people think he goes in front of the media "for the hype." I don't believe there is a backlash. I don't believe ther is "Tebow Fatigue." I certainly don't buy that there are Tebow "haters." (Although there are certainly haters of Florida.)

In fact, I think precisely because he is "nice" and "polite" and "genuine," he has immunized himself from backlash, fatigue or haters -- even though, under any normal circumstance, there should be a backlash by now.

(But Tebow is hardly a "normal circumstance.")

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