Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: Jesse Palmer and Andre Ware

On a conference call, Jesse Palmer and Andre Ware were asked if they thought Tim Tebow was the greatest college football player ever.

Jesse Palmer:
We all know what could happen. I don’t know if Tim Tebow’s the greatest quarterback to ever play college football, but I think he’s one of the greatest leaders, he’s one of the greatest competitors.

If the season goes the way Tim Tebow and Florida Gators fans want it to go, we could potentially say Tim Tebow is one of the greatest players of all time, maybe the greatest of all time. There have been better quarterbacks to play the game, guys that threw the ball better, made reads better but it’s hard to argue when you watch Tim Tebow in terms of his competitive spirit.
Andre Ware:
I would describe Tim Tebow in a sense where I would say the most decorated by the time he ends his career if he pulls the ultimate double, another Heisman Trophy and a national championship. I can’t go as far to say the greatest quarterback to play the game because there have been some outstanding ones.
Way to hedge, fellas.

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