Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: I-Formation Mania

"It won't be our main offense, but I think you'll see it."

-- Tim Tebow, after Saturday's practice, on the Gators using the NFL-friendly I-formation.

You know how I feel about this:

If Meyer wants to adapt his offense because he has the O-line and RBs to implement it; to give opposing DCs something to think about; and to toy around with it in advance of having a more "pro-style" QB in place next year in John Brantley, that's all good.

But no NFL scout is going to be swayed by a couple of I-formation plays in a game, where Tebow will hand off the ball 99 percent of the time. He will have plenty of time to showcase his ability to play under center during draft prep from January through April.

(Given my penchant for creating dorky short-hand for these various memes, I think I'm going to dub this "I-Formania.")

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