Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tebow Quote of the Day: Bobby Bowden

"People keep asking me about Tebow. You know, is he the best ever? I don’t know if he’s better than Charlie. I don’t think he runs better than Charlie. I don’t think he throws better than Charlie. And Charlie only played [quarterback] two years for us."

-- Bobby Bowden, who just made the bulletin board for Florida's game with FSU in Gainesville on Nov. 28. (Then again, what would you expect Bowden to say: "Oh, yes: Tebow is definitely better than my all-time favorite player here at FSU.")

Look: Charlie Ward IS the best QB ever at Florida State. And if you were making a list of the Top 20 greatest QBs in college football history, Ward would be on the list. (Tebow fans should even have sympathy that the NFL snubbed Ward entirely -- if only the Wildcat was in use then.)

But Ward is not better than Tebow.

All credit to Orlando Sentinel FSU beat writer Andrew Carter for getting the quote out of Bowden.

More from the Sentinel: Jeremy Fowler looks at the two players' stats and it is a blowout in Tebow's favor. But again, what did you expect Bowden to say?

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