Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tebow Profiled in GQ (And Deadspin's Take)

This month's GQ profile of Tim Tebow is probably not as entertaining as Deadspin's post about GQ's profile of Tim Tebow:
It won't be a college football magazine preview this fall without a profile of God's favorite warrior and this one does not disappoint. Talk about his parents Filipino orphanage? Check. Circumcision stories? Check? Home schooling? His mega-church? Check, Check. The disrespect from NFL scouts? Got it. Angry, defensive quotes from Urban Meyer? You betcha. Harlequin romance-level descriptions of Tebow's Adonis-like physique. Boy howdy....

The author, Jason Fagone, doesn't really get anything new out of Tebow, but then there's nothing new to get. (Although Tebow did bus Jason's dishes for him. Seriously.) ... The point is that he's not hiding anything and his Jesus Freak persona is not an act.

That's what makes him such an attractive interview subject. Reporters who talk to him realize he's not trying to pull one over on them—unlike every other athlete and coach they meet. So they love him, they love to write about him, and the missionary has his mission accomplished.

Again, that was Deadspin's Dash Bennett, not the GQ article itself. And then there's the photo...

More quotes from the actual article later.

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  1. I read the GQ article not long ago and honestly didn't notice that there was so much description of Tebow's physique... it's pretty funny when Deadspin groups them all together, though.