Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tebow-NFL Wildcat Watch: Pat White Debut

So Pat White -- who may be considered a nominal proxy for Tim Tebow's NFL future, despite some substantial dissimilarities (enough caveats in there? sheesh) -- made his NFL debut last night.

And it was underwhelming.

2-of-7 passing for 14 yards and an INT.
6 rushes for 20 yards (incl. 1 for 10 yds).

Now, is it worth drawing any conclusions from that? Probably not. Yes, the Dolphins are as innovative as any team in the league as it relates to the single-wing (umm...for now).

But the White-Tebow comparisons are always going to be flawed. They are vastly different players; circumstances will dictate (if only Tebow could be on a team coached by David Lee...)

What I will say is that it seems obvious that the single-wing (or "Wildcat-ish") will percolate throughout the NFL all season long (see this great post about the Wildcat by Smart Football).

By next April, its evolution will be far enough along -- combined with Tebow's natural abilities and marketing potential -- that it will seem obvious to draft him in the top half of the 1st round.

For a closer -- not quite as fast, but certainly as high-profile -- analogue, try Michael Vick and his Wildcat fit with the Eagles.


  1. "2-of-7 passing for 14 yards and an INT."

    Did you even WATCH the game, or just lazily read through the stats lines? 3 of those were dropped passes on the fingertips of his receivers, thrown directly into their hands-- and the INT was a result of one of those.

    Pat White's performance was actually very good, it was his receivers that completely (and literally) dropped the ball.

    Don't write shit if you don't know what you're talking about.

  2. Here: