Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tebow Links for a Saturday Morning

G'ville Sun (and others): Rain shortens the Gator Charity Challenge. But, for the record, Tebow's team was winning at the time.

Yahoo's Dr. Saturday: Matt Hinton continues to be all over the "how to stop the Gators" beat, with an update yesterday.

Hinton's formula remains the same: "(a) Hit the Tebow Child and (b) Don't let him touch the ball in the first place."

Sporting News: Jacory Harris says of Tebow's claims of saving-for-marriage: "He's lying."

(Hmm: If I had to pick credibility between Harris and Tebow, I'm going with Tebow on this one.)

Orlando Sentinel: Tim Tebow "Superman" T-shirts... on sale at Publix, no less. (As they are sort of bootleggish -- the school certainly didn't license them -- you won't find them at UF.)

Amy Reinink: The Tim Tebow of amateur distance running?

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