Monday, August 3, 2009

Tebow at Prison: Gainesville Sun's Profile

Off of the Sports Illustrated cover story from two weeks ago, the Gainesville Sun sent its own reporter out with Tim Tebow to cover a session of ministering to prisoners.

On its face, the piece is derivative -- I'm sure it was assigned well-before the SI piece came out -- but it has a lot more of the granular details of Tebow's work than the SI piece had.

"Finish Strong" continues to be the theme of Tebow's evangelizing, vaulting off of the Gators' practice mantra during the offseason.

The piece is chock full of details, but there is one included that has nothing to do with the ministering that is worth pointing out:

One fan/prison employee brings Tebow the SI SEC Preview to sign, the one with Urban Meyer looking over a pair of sunglasses -- which struck me as entirely out of character for him.

Tebow apparently agreed. Per the Sun's Diane Chun, quoting Tebow:

"That has to be the most ridiculous cover photo ever. How'd they convince him to do that?"

(By the way, there's some great video and photos accompanying the piece. The video reaffirms what a remarkably confident public speaker Tebow is.)

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