Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Tebow Read: New York Daily News

Sunday's New York Daily News features a lengthy profile of Tebow by Dick Weiss. It's no GQ-style attempt to understand Tebow; it is your classic "Whoa, this Tebow guy is awesome" piece.

College football fans in New York will be entirely familiar with Tebow -- he has come to the city each of the last two Decembers for the Heisman ceremony.

NYC is a weird college football town -- you won't find many natives with a natural rooting interest; college football just isn't a big deal here.

What you have are New Yorkers who go away to college football schools -- Syracuse, Michigan, Florida, Penn State, Rutgers -- then return with college football fever... and an allegiance.

Or you get folks who relocate from out of town with their allegiance from college (or earlier) intact -- I think of the writer Warren St. John, who came to Columbia (and stayed in NYC to work as a journalist), having grown up in Alabama.

St. John wrote the instant classic "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer" about life following SEC football as one of the cavalcade traveling in an RV.

Weiss's piece is a good primer for non-college football fans who want to be basically conversant about the biggest story in sports this fall. As good a reason as any to write the column.

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