Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rivals: Tebow Held Out Of Practice?

Per a report on Rivals (and Gator Country), lost in all the fun about the beefcake pictures in GQ magazine, was Tim Tebow held out of practice this week because of back issues?

Now, it is most likely a precaution -- in the toughest preseason in program history (or perhaps in any program in the country), why risk any injury to your best player?

(Perhaps that was even part of the inspiration for Urban Meyer to give the team the day off on Thursday.)

But make no mistake: "What's up with Tebow's back?" will now be a huge Gators' issue of the weekend, and all next week -- and probably the season.

UPDATE: Joe Schad says Tebow will be back in practice on Monday. Definitely going to be the story for the media.

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