Friday, August 14, 2009

On This (Tebow) Date: August 14, 1987

Continuing coverage of Tim Tebow's 22nd birthday...

Big kudos to the Sentinel's Matt Humphrey on a fun blog post that looks at what life was like in America back on August 14, 1987 -- when a scrawny baby was being born to Bob and Pam Tebow.

Let me add a few other details:
  • There was no internet, obviously. Heck, there was barely cable.
  • Newspapers still had "Too late for this edition" box scores.
  • BCS? Ha. Not even a glimmer in someone's eye.
  • Miami won the national title -- Jimmy Johnson was that era's Urban Meyer.
  • The national-title game was undebatable: Unbeaten Miami vs. unbeaten Oklahoma
  • (Syracuse was unbeaten, too -- remember when Auburn tied them in the bowl game?)
  • Tim Brown won the Heisman -- remember when Notre Dame was relevant?
  • Remember who finished 3rd? Two words: Gordie. Lockbaum.
  • Florida State ended the season No. 2, with its only loss to Miami.
  • (FSU would begin a ridiculous run of 14 seasons of Top 5 finishes.)
And on 8/14/87, I was just about to enter my freshman year of high school. Yikes, I'm old.

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