Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Tebow Quotes from Media Day

More quotes from Tim Tebow from Florida Media Day:

"Our goals for the offseason were to get bigger, faster, and stronger, but also to build chemistry. The strengths of our team right now are chemistry and the leadership. The attitude of guys improving, spending time together, and training has been great."

Who motivates and leads the team leaders?

"Our position coaches, Coach [Charlie] Strong and Coach [Vance] Bedford, lead us. Coach [Urban] Meyer is the number one leader for me. We talk several times a day. His attitude towards the game, improving, and making a difference every day is why I think he’s a good leader."

Do you want to be a great team?

"Absolutely! There is a huge desire by everyone on this team to be great. Not only to be great, but to have a standard of excellence that everyone lives up to is our goal. Every year we want to be great, but I think this year everyone really means and believes it with everyone deep down in their heart."

What about John Brantley?

"I have a really strong relationship with Johnny B. He’s one of my closest friends on the team. We hang out all the time. I try to encourage him overall with his leadership, being more out-spoken. He works hard and does all the right things. I’m very excited for him and the things he will do here. I’m a big fan."

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