Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Morning Tebow: Expected to Practice

Catching you up from the weekend:

*The biggest drama: Tebow's back "situation" that kept him from contact all last week. Urban downplayed it and insisted Tebow would go full-strength at practice today. Tracking...

*Florida is AP preseason No. 1: Not just No. 1, but the most prohibitive preseason favorite in the history of the AP poll. More fodder that this COULD be the best team ever.

*The 2nd-best team is...: Texas, which earned 2 1st-place votes. Lou Holtz picked Notre Dame to meet Florida in the BCS title game, which made everyone chuckle this weekend.

*Florida nearly scheduled Utah for its season opener: Unfair to compare the '08 Utes -- who would have given Florida more of a run than any team in the country -- and the '09 Utes, who would have been beaten, but are still a Top 20 team.

Again, it is all about the story from practice today. But with nearly 2 weeks until the 1st game, the focus should be on keeping Tebow rested and getting everyone else ready.

(Tebow, of course, will hate that. But getting Brantley reps with the 1st team won't hurt. And it's not like Tebow will play a ton of snaps in the Charleston Southern game, if it's an early blowout.)

I am sure that there is some Heisman voter out there who just nudged Colt McCoy ahead of Tim Tebow on his current ballot, simply based on "Well, McCoy seems to be healthier..."

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