Friday, August 7, 2009

Haden : Tebow :: Tebow : Garrard

Urban Meyer just made Joe Haden a bunch of extra NFL money. More on that in a sec.

So there has been a lot of talk about Tim Tebow earning his NFL keep at QB by playing the "Wildcat" (aka single-wing) role in the pros.

Urban Meyer flipped that: Tebow may be the starter, but Joe Haden is getting "Wildcat" snaps for the Gators on the second day of practice.

Haden is, arguably, the best athlete on the team, and not only is he a sure-fire NFL 1st-round pick, but I would argue he is the best DB in the country.

(Put it this way: Haden started as a true freshman, after having played QB in high school. He's that much of a freak.)

It is just those prep QB skills that Meyer wants to put to work, and it is brilliant.

As for those NFL millions: With the way the Wildcat has become the rage in the pros, that Haden is a 1st-round talent at DB *and* can flip to offense to run the Wildcat makes him all the more valuable to an NFL team.

(By the way, if you find the title to this post curious, it's the old SAT short-hand for analogies. Translated: "Joe Haden is to Tim Tebow what Tim Tebow is to David Garrard." Garrard is a stand-in for the starting NFL QB that Tebow will replace in Wildcat packages.)

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