Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Florida Media Day: Brantley a Next Tebow?

Is backup QB John Brantley a "next Tebow" candidate? Umm, no. He has a better arm but not the running skills (and a much slighter build, obviously).

But Brantley will be Florida's starting QB next season (and probably 2011) and, according to Meyer and Addazio at today's media event, Brantley will be getting "meaningful minutes" this year, even though he backs up the best player in the country.

Why? Given that Florida will likely have large leads late in games, there will be plenty of live snaps during mop-up duty for Brantley. But the coaches are also presumably looking ahead to 2010.

(Presumably, this doesn't have any impact on the use of Joe Haden in "Wildcat" formations -- that is going to be something to see, I can already tell you.)

No, don't worry: There won't be a "BrantleyBlog.com" -- at least not from me.

Oh, and by the time he's done, I expect there won't be any questions about Brantley's NFL-worthiness as a QB. I think if he stays through 2011, he will be a 1st-round NFL pick.

So is Brantley the next Tebow? More like the next Grossman.

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