Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ESPN's Low: Tebow, Brantley Are SEC's Best

When SEC blogger ranked the SEC's best QB situation, he obviously ranked Florida No. 1. I will say that he got one thing wrong(-ish) and one thing entirely right.

Wrong-ish: "Tim Tebow might be the best college player of this era." Don't go out on a limb or anything. "Might be?" "Of this era?" (Emphasis mine.) I appreciate conservatism, but between Low and Palmer and Ware -- why won't folks just say, "Yup: If X happens, best ever."

Entirely right: "[John] Brantley would be a starter for at least three-fourths of the teams in this league." So few media folks seem to notice this, let alone point it out. Very important, both for 2010 (and 2011) and in case -- yeesh -- Tebow goes down with injury.

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