Wednesday, August 12, 2009 on Tebow, Bradford, McCoy

Time for today's 3:30 read (at 4...): This fantastic overview by's Ivan Maisel of the three-headed trio of Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy -- and how they are the ruling class of college football.

Have we ever seen something like this before? The nation's top 3 players (or top three Heisman contenders) playing on the nation's top 3 teams.

*Bradford and McCoy are not just friends, but intrinsically tied by their teams' Big 12 rivalry -- by definition one must win and one must lose.

*Tebow and Bradford are connected by last season's BCS title game -- not to mention (as Maisel points out) the NFL scouts' uniform love of Bradford versus their skepticism of Tebow.

*Tebow and McCoy? Well, if you believe the polls -- or your own instinct -- the two are on a collision course for the 2010 BCS national-title game, leading two unbeaten teams.

Too much in here to pull out a quote. Read the whole thing.

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