Monday, August 17, 2009

Did You Go To Tebow Fan Day?

Oh, sorry, Florida didn't hold "Tebow Fan Day" yesterday -- they held "Football Fan Day."

But -- as with SEC Media Days -- you would be forgiven for thinking it was an event entirely about Tim Tebow. So: Did anyone go? Any stories to report?

I think this picture in the Gainesville Sun says it all:

The picture is of fan Amber Bradley, in a wheelchair following a car accident. Contrary to reports, she did not stand up, healed, after this handshake. But she sure looked happy. Here is to Amber's complete recovery and a long, healthy life.

This really speaks to the point Tebow made after Saturday's practice, about the difference between fans who want to approach him to talk or shake his hand or get an autograph because they are fans, versus their interest in posting about it on the Web or selling it on eBay. Tebow's quote:

"You wish people would be real fans instead of always wanting something from it."

You can only hope that the majority of the fans at Fan Day lined up for Tebow (and the rest of the team) were doing it because they were fans excited about meeting the team, rather than eBay sellers.

The Sun article mentioned that folks started lining up in the middle of the night. So here's the question: Would you spend one sleepless night in line in order to get an autograph and picture with Tebow?

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  1. That's such a cute picture. It's like he was radiating so much charm and sweetness that the little girl couldn't handle it. "Dial it back!" You can tell he really enjoys making people happy.