Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big Tebow Questions for the Start of Gators Practice

The Gators kick off the 2009 season tomorrow with their first official practice, at a robust 6 a.m.

The Miami Herald's Joe Goodman weighs in with his questions.
The G'ville Sun's Robbie Andreu offers his most intriguing storylines, too.

Neither covered questions or storylines related to Tim Tebow. So I'll fill the void:

(1) What is the vibe of Tebow's leadership on the practice field?

The team's psychology may be the biggest X-factor in its attempt to win another national title. Right out of the gate, how vocal is Tebow? How emotional? It has been a long offseason and it's a long regular season -- how "up" is Tebow on Day 1? As the leader of the players (and an extension of Meyer), what tactics does he deploy?

(2) So about those mechanics...?

Does Tebow's throwing motion seem any different now under Scott Loeffler than it was last season?

(3) Whither the I-formation?

Does Urban Meyer really want to establish a power-running game (yes), but is he also capitulating to the conventional (lame) wisdom that NFL folks "need" to see Tebow taking snaps under center (which we already discussed earlier today as inconsequential).

The mantra of the team is "Finish Strong." Tomorrow morning, the operating principle should be "Start Strong." It's a long season, but the foundation of it continues to build tomorrow.

Got any other Tebow-related questions that you have for the opening of practice? Leave them in the comments.

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