Friday, August 14, 2009

Best of Twitter: Tebow Birthday Messages

I scour Twitter so you don't have to... Today: Birthday shout-outs for Tebow. What else?

GatorsNow: Know someone that is not a Gators fan. Plow over them today to honor Tebow's 22nd birthday!

clintshane My favorite part of Tebowmas is goin to the mall and letting my cousin sit on the fake Tebow's lap. His eyes just light up.

BianchiWrites It's Tim Tebow's birthday. Shouldn't it be national holiday?

edsbs: Happy Birthday, Tim Tebow. BIG HUGS FOR THE BABY RHINO.

sarahrebecca12 It's officially a good day. Because Tim Tebow's birthday cannot in any way, shape or form be a bad day. Happy Birthday, Superman!!! :)

jbowesmusic Just realized I'm going to Gainesville on Tim Tebow's birthday. Will the stores be closed for the high holy day?

davewoodbury Close the banks. Shut down the Post Office. Everyone take the day off. It's Tim Tebow's birthday. Party at my house.

rachelhoff814 Did you know I share a birthday with Magic Johnson, Halle Berry, Tim Tebow, and Pakistan?

SeanCablinasian Taking a poll -- who opened gifts last night on Tebow Eve and who waited till today to open their gifts?

MattyT83 Simming through Madden 10 some, stole Sam Bradford at 9th overall. Drafting a LE next. Tim Tebow just went to Houston in Rd. 2

OSaadelson wish timmy tebow a happy 22nd birthday, #Gator fans!

wesrucker Today is Tim Tebow's 22nd birthday. @ClayTravisBGID knows how he's not celebrating it.

sarahrebecca12 Okay. I lied. Apparently Tim Tebow's birthday can be a not so great day.

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  1. Good selection of tweets. Tebow Eve might be my favorite...