Saturday, August 29, 2009

About Tim Tebow's Fall Class Schedule...

Deadspin's Ben Cohen picked up on one of the more interesting details from Pete Thamel's Q&A with Tim Tebow from, which I noted yesterday: "I'm a football player this semester."

We already knew Tebow was only carrying one class this fall (he's got a 3.72 GPA and is on track to graduate), but we didn't know just how minimal it was, until this interview. The money quote:

Q. How close are you to graduation?
A. I'm going to graduate in December.

Q. A light semester coming up, I assume?
A. Yeah.

Q. Ballroom dancing like Matt Leinart?
A. (laughs) Easier

Q. What do you have?
A. I guess the class that I would have is senior seminar. It's one hour and one credit. It's on Tuesday afternoons and we have practice. I'm going to work around that with the professors. I'm going to do whatever my counselor sets up. I'm a football player this semester.

Cohen actually stops just shy of another intriguing quote, which comes immediately after that section:

I’m really looking forward to that. I’ll be in here just like a coach. I’ll be in every game-plan meeting. I love that. I love being around everything.

Matt Hinton pointed this out yesterday: As if Tebow -- already a master student of the schematic side of the game -- needed MORE time to get ready to pick apart opposing defenses.

(By the way, those last two links were to Thamel's piece last September about Tebow's intense film preparation for each game -- it also had a Q&A that was fascinating. Must-reads, both.)

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