Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3:30 Read: Why Florida Is Successful

Is Florida's success because of Urban Meyer? Because of Tim Tebow? Because of Charlie Strong and the defense?

Saurian Sagacity has a must-read post analyzing Florida's success under Meyer, particularly relative to the success before he got to Gainesville. They call it the "One-Man Fallacy."

I think the conclusion will surprise you: Don't correlate Florida's success to Meyer -- or to Tebow.

Instead, the biggest factor in Florida's success under Tebow (and Meyer) was that Florida's location allowed them to successfully recruit Tebow? (And not just Tebow, but some of the most important talent on the roster.)

For comparison, imagine if Alabama was able to have successfully gone into Florida and recruited Tebow out from underneath Florida. David Shula might still have his job. Nick Saban would almost certainly have his national title. Meyer and Florida would not have either of theirs.

If I'm reading Saurian Sagacity correctly, the most important moment of the Tebow Era was not the 2006 jump-pass or the 5-TD game against South Carolina or the 4th quarter against Bama.

The most important moment came when the Florida schoolboy legend agreed to go to Florida, rather than play out of state.

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  1. You could argue the most important moment was when his family put up the Florida Gator mailbox (ie, growing up a Gator fan)