Monday, August 3, 2009

3:30 Read: How Tebow Decides The Future Of Your NFL Team

Obviously, we're all gearing up for the start of the college season -- practice begins Thursday at 6 a.m. -- but the long-term undercurrent of coverage includes Tebow's NFL future.

We have talked a lot about it already -- mostly my conspiracy theories -- but watching the Tebow NFL stock vacillate throughout the college season and into draft season (Jan-April) will be fascinating. I'm already on the record that his stock is going to skyrocket into the top half of the first round, perhaps even the Top 10.

MVN has an interesting take -- complete with stats analysis -- of why Tebow's draft stock has a direct impact on your team.

I would say that whether your team will or won't take Tebow, they will be impacted -- if you have your eye on another player at another position, you are rooting for a team ahead of yours to take Tebow off the board.

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