Thursday, August 6, 2009

3:30 Read (Early Edition!): Tired of Tebow?

Want some perspective on Tebow Fatigue (or, "Tebacklash") from a college student from as far from SEC country as you can get? Try Zach Zimmerman's column from the Stanford Daily:

Once again, I’m not trying to make the point that Tebow is secretly a hoodlum. I believe he is a great guy and I understand why he has attracted so much attention from the public. He’s extraordinarily marketable and is a living version of the ideal all-American athlete.

What I am troubled by is the fact that we are so quick to latch on to athletes and label them as perfect.
It is a fair point. Cynical (perhaps a product of the era Zimmerman grew up in), but fair. I have a reaction to this column coming at 1:45.

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