Friday, July 31, 2009

Yes, Tim Tebow Wears Glasses

So one of the more intriguing images of the offseason was of Tim Tebow at the 2009 ESPYs, sporting Palinesque glasses. Who knew he wore glasses?

The Gainesville Sun's indispensable Pat Dooley gets to the bottom of it:

Tebow... said he doesn’t wear them all the time. At first he tried contacts but didn’t like them. He just started wearing the glasses a few weeks ago.

Tebow didn’t sport the specs at SEC Media Days and doesn’t plan to wear glasses or contacts during the season.
Intrigue resolved. Oh, and per Dooley, even without the glasses: "He can see streaking receivers just fine, according to Urban Meyer."

(Critics who are bearish on Tebow's NFL prospects just updated their profiles to gripe: "He's nearsighted! But doesn't wear glasses or contacts! How can he possibly play QB in the NFL?!"

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