Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who Didn't Vote For Tebow? Maybe No One

Pat Forde picks up on my meme from earlier in the day: That, more than likely, no SEC coach will cop to NOT voting for Tim Tebow. Not in this crazy environment.

That actually turns the story about a cover-up, not a crime: One coach would be lying. (Shocker, I know.) And we all know it's always the cover-up, not the crime, that gets you in the end.

It would be refreshing for Steve Spurrier to waltz out and say, "Yep: You bet I didn't vote for Tebow." I suspect that, rather than wrapping up neatly tomorrow, this will extend.

The coach in question would be wise to 'fess up, not cover-up.

In fact, they could have a ton of fun with it by either (a) releasing the new through Twitter or (b) holding a mini-press conference just to reveal his vote. Hell, throw the SID (who likely filled out the ballot) under the bus. After two days, the story needs a villain -- and a tidy conclusion.

I suspect the coach won't be that smart. After all, he decided that Tim Tebow wasn't worthy of preseason all-SEC 1st-team QB.

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  1. Here's the situation I envision:
    Dan Mullen voted for some other clown after conspiring with Urban Meyer, just to cause all this ruckus. I like it, I like a lot