Friday, July 17, 2009

Weekly Wrap (Next Week: SEC Media Days)

For a slow week in sports, it was plenty busy around here. This week's Top 5 Tebow storylines:

(5) Season Preview Magazine mania
(4) TMZ confirms that Tebow is single.
(3) Tebow wins ESPY for "Best Male College Athlete"
(2) Preseason all-SEC mini-drama
(1) Launch of (naturally)

If you haven't looked at the right side of the site yet, there is plenty of extra coverage, including links to the Top 10 most important Tebow videos, a list of places that have covered the launch of this blog and a preseason ranking of the Top 10 "Poor Man's Tim Tebow" contenders.

More posts this weekend, with a ton to come next week as the Tebow hysteria comes to SEC Media Days, which has become sort of like ComiCon for SEC football junkies.

Thanks very much for your time, attention and instant approval this week. Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or drop an email if you have any feedback.

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