Thursday, July 23, 2009

VoteGate: Richt, Saban Voted For Tebow

Richt and Saban both insist they* voted for Tebow. That leaves three coaches unaccounted for: Spurrier, Chizik, Miles (with the assumption that Houston Nutt -- not able to vote for Snead -- voted for Tebow...maybe not!)

I am becoming more and more convinced that EVERY coach (except Meyer) will claim that they voted for Tebow -- one will be lying, of course -- and the next iteration of this story will be figuring out which coach lied about it. It's always more about the cover-up than the crime...

(Per's SEC guru Chris Low: "The worst-kept secret in the league is that most of the coaches' ballots -- especially on the preseason All-SEC team -- are filled out by the sports information directors.")

UPDATE: Saban exhibits some exasperation that this is a story. (Note that he still explained who he voted for, just to clarify.)

Saban wins the award for inappropriate hyperbole, suggesting that our forefathers fought in wars so that coaches could vote for any QB they want.

No one is suggesting that they don't have the right to vote for whoever they want -- most folks simply find it inconceivable that any coach would actually believe another QB deserves preseason all-SEC more than Tebow.

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