Friday, July 24, 2009

VoteGate: Miles, Chizik Voted Tebow. Spurrier?!

Per ESPN (via the G'ville Sun), Les Miles and Gene Chizik are confirmed voters for Tebow. That leaves... Steve Spurrier.

It seems crazy that Spurrier wouldn't vote for Tebow, but -- then again -- if anyone wouldn't, it would be the Head Ball Coach.

Prediction: Spurrier claims that he, too, voted for Tebow. And then someone is lying. And so the hunt will go on, but the storyline will change from "Who did the crime?" to "Who covered it up?"


  1. I can see it being Coach Spurrier. Here is the logic I see him imploring to cover (and you need to inject your best Spurrier accent here), "well shoot, the Snead kid beat Tebow head to head last year so I gave him the nod" or something like that.

    We all know, if Spurrier had come back to UF, a QB like Tim would never be on his radar.

    I don't doubt Steve's love for our Alma Mater but he is competitive and likes to take digs...

  2. When Ron Zook was let go as the Gator football coach, a sizable percentage of the Gator Nation (myself included) really hoped that Spurrier would come back and coach the Gators again.

    In the intervening years, a sizable percentage of the Gator Nation (myself included) has decided that the best thing that happened to the Gator football team was Spurrier NOT coming back and coaching the Gators!

    Delegating is fine, but it's the head coach who is supposed to complete these ballots, not some underling!