Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today's 3:30 Read: Off-Field Tebow, Cont'd

3:30 isn't just the kickoff time for the SEC Game of the Week. It's the time of day when I post a worthwhile "must-read" you can use to make the rest of the day go by faster.

Special 10 a.m. edition, killing time before Tebow's media session.

Today: The Florida Times-Union's Gene Frenette on the "Tebow off-field" meme, which is top-of-mind this week with the Sports Illustrated cover story.

Here's the money observation from Frenette, and it's dead-on:

Did you catch the video that celebrity gossip Web site TMZ recorded of Tebow as he arrived in Los Angeles for the ESPYs? As Tebow is signing autographs, TMZ baited him with a question about having a "hot girlfriend," which he quickly denied.

It was a clear attempt to get Tebow to say or do something out of character, but he astutely handled the paparazzi moment. He didn't shoo away TMZ or tell them to go dig up another Michael Jackson skeleton.

He just kept signing his name until TMZ, realizing Tebow wasn't going to deliver anything juicy, went away. It was one small sampling of a part of Tebow that might be his most underrated quality: off-the-chart people skills.

It's 3:30. Worth your read.

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