Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tim Tebow's Top SEC Player: Eric Berry

Who does Tim Tebow think is the best player in the SEC? Tennessee safety Eric Berry.

It's not a bad pick. At a minimum, Berry is the best defensive player in the SEC. (With all of the injuries to Tennessee's WRs, who doesn't want to see Berry get a bunch of reps on offense, too?)

And, no question, he is the SEC's No. 1 NFL Draft prospect.

Here was Berry's response:
“If he is Superman - make that Batman, then I am Robin. That’s a big compliment coming from him. He’s a Heisman trophy winner, has won (two) national championships. What more can you say?”
Yes, but will Tebow put Berry on his Heisman ballot somewhere?

On a radio interview today, the host asked me if there was going to be some sort of Tebow backlash this season. I think it's stuff like this that makes him very very hard to hate.

The way I phrased it was this: At worst, there is begrudging respect from opposing players and fans alike. It would be really hard to actually HATE him.

UPDATE: The Berry quote originally came from a Q&A Tebow did with Athlon's. Here's the source material. There's a lot in there. I'll have some pull-quotes later.

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