Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tim Tebow vs. Tommie Frazier

Related to the promotion of the new "Gator Gridiron 2009" book and my cover story about Tim Tebow's place among all-time great college QBs, one name stood out:

Tommie Frazier.

I looked closely at virtually every top QB from the past 30 years, and I would argue that no QB -- perhaps no player -- is as underrated as Frazier.

Sure, he makes every Top 5 QB list -- as he should. But for some reason, he is never given the respect of other top QBs.

Maybe that's because he is considered "one-dimensional" (although you need to go back and look at his excellent passing stats -- when he needed to, he threw great).

Maybe that's because he was surrounded by arguably the greatest team in college football history (of course, one of the reasons they are considered the greatest is because of their QB).

And it is almost certainly because he never won a Heisman, which is a crime. (The Heisman selections in 1994 -- Salaam over McNair, who finished 3rd -- and 1995 -- George over Frazier should be an embarrassment for anyone who voted.)

Sammy Vegas from the Nebraska blog Double Extra Point has a fair analysis comparing Frazier to Tebow.

Unsurprisingly, Vegas comes out in favor of Frazier. For now, I would agree, although the fact that Tebow is already in the "Top 5 all-time" conversation with his senior year to go is a testament to Tebow's ridiculous career.

To his credit, Vegas allows for Tebow passing Frazier -- I agree with the general premise: For Tebow to top the list, he will need to win a national title, ideally doing something dramatic or defining to get there. A Heisman wouldn't hurt, but he almost assuredly will end up in the Top 3...again.

Heading into the season, Tebow's place in history will be a huge storyline -- and I fully expect fans of Frazier and of Vince Young (and plenty of other worthy QBs) will have something to say.

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