Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tebow to Dan Patrick: Open to "QB-ish" NFL Role

Prior to ascending to the SEC Media Day podium, Tim Tebow did an interview with Dan Patrick on DP's radio show.

The biggest news coming out of it: Tebow is NOT a hard-line "QB-or-nothing," as it relates to his future in the NFL.

Tebow says he will do anything his NFL team needs to help it win.

This is in line with Tebow's entire ethos: He is open to experimentation. He is a football "swinger." He is up for anything, as long as it gets the team closer to a W.

And that makes it one more reason NFL GMs and coaches will WANT to draft him... will be looking for reasons to draft him, certainly higher than the NFL naysayers project.

I also predict this will empower the "NFL Deniers" camp (Kiper, McShay) in their notion that Tebow must necessarily play something other than QB in the NFL.

But I think it maintains my longtime position: He WILL play QB in the NFL -- to oversimplify, most likely as a "Wildcat"-style specialist in short-yardage, red-zone and special situations.

But let's not be intellectually restrained by Wildcat's current form: Tebow will lead its evolution, assuming he is with a coach who is innovative enough to use him -- cough, Belichick, cough.

Don't ghettoize Tebow as a Wildcat QB (circa 2008). Watch to see how it evolves this season as more teams adopt related formations. Watch how Tebow's NFL coach expands that further.

I will coin the term: "QB-ish." That covers Tebow's NFL role -- mostly QB, though that may be more as a part-time running QB than a full-time passing QB, perhaps with some other roles.

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