Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tebow Media Session Tailgate

Florida's contingent -- Urban Meyer, Brandon Spikes and Tim Tebow -- will take the stage between 10:39 and 12:30 today, probably around 11:30, with Tebow on around noon. (Don't hold me to that -- it's just a guess.)

Yesterday, I offered up some fun questions from non-Media Day participants, who might have felt like they were at Tebow Media Days. I also published the most Tebow-centric quotes from yesterday's coaches, including an emotional analysis from Dan Mullen. On the right, you'll also see the running list of Who Didn't Vote for Tebow? for all-SEC.

To whet your appetite for later this morning, here's a good post on "Tim Tebow 4.0" -- a construction I really really like -- from the indispensable blog Alligator Army.

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