Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SEC Media Day: "Is Tim Tebow A Virgin?"

"Is Tim Tebow a virgin?" That's not my question -- it's from Fanhouse's Clay Travis, who gets a jump on SEC Media Day by offering up 10 intriguing questions for the event (which has 800 credentialed media folks attending. 800.) I do think he missed the biggest mystery of the offseason: "Who didn't vote for Tim Tebow for 1st-team all-SEC QB?"

More questions that should be asked, entirely framed around Tim Tebow, naturally, listed in order of scheduled appearances:

Wednesday July 22
Arkansas' Bobby Petrino (8:30 a.m.): "Coach, you know QBs as well as any coach. What kind of offense could you run if you had Tebow?"

Vanderbilt's Bobby Johnson (9:30): "You're a pretty good defensive coach. What's the best way to defend Tim Tebow?"

Mississippi State's Dan Mullen (10:30): "Coach, you used to coach Tim Tebow. How would YOU stop him?"

Kentucky's Rich Brooks (11:30): "You get the Gators in their first road SEC game of the season. Got any clever sign ideas or chants for your fans to get in Tebow's head?"

Thursday July 23
Alabama's Nick Saban (8:30): "Admit it coach: You didn't vote Tim Tebow as 1st-team all-SEC QB this season, did you? Is it because of the whole 4th quarter of the SEC Championship Game thing?"

Georgia's Mark Richt (9:30): "Ooh, Coach Saban, I take it back. It was YOU, Richt, wasn't it?"

Ole Miss' Houston Nutt (10:30): "Yeah, yeah, keep smiling."

Florida's Urban Meyer (11:30): "Greatest college QB of all time... or greatest college PLAYER of all time?"

Friday July 24
Auburn's Gene Chizik (8:30): "Isn't it true that your biggest win of your season is that Florida is off your schedule?"

South Carolina's Steve Spurrier (9:30): "Your protege Danny Wuerffel already surpassed you as the greatest QB in Florida history. Does it irk you at all that Tebow has passed Danny?"

LSU's Les Miles (10:30): "Florida-LSU is going to be the biggest game of the college football season. Think your student section will give out Tebow's home phone number again this year?"

Tennessee's Lane Kiffin (11:30): "Is there a reason that the SEC saved you for last? No, no: That's not my question. The question is: Anything to say about Tim Tebow? There's not much room left on the bulletin board, but we can always squeeze in another quote."