Friday, July 17, 2009

Role Model Showdown: Tim Tebow vs Myron Rolle

I was going to put together this really fun post comparing and contrasting Tim Tebow and Myron Rolle -- not the least of which is the Florida-Florida State rivalry.

A lot of people hold up Tebow as an ultimate role model. Myron Rolle is his equal, if not superior -- it's stupid to compare. It's simply worth marveling at the absoluteness of Rolle's awesomeness.

Read this post from Yahoo's "Dr. Saturday," Matt Hinton, and you'll see why.

While I'm no FSU fan, I couldn't admire Rolle more* -- his biggest claim to fame is the Rhodes Scholarship, but his life seems destined for astonishing greatness, especially off the field.

(* - Like many Gator fans, I was stunned when Rolle -- a fantastic student -- picked FSU over Florida "for the academics." I am thrilled that Rolle's life has worked out so well.)

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