Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reactions to Tebow-Virgin Story:
The Good, The Bad And Clay Travis

There have been a range of reactions to today's sensational (and sensationalized) detail that Tim Tebow is saving himself for marriage. I thought I offered a pretty thoughtful contribution.

I will give the "Best Instant Reaction" award to Alligator Army, which cleverly connected Tebow's chastity to the way a sex-free George Costanza turned into the Greatest Human Ever.
I'm not about to knock someone for saving themselves for marriage, but this explains so much about Tebow. Just like George Costanza was a genius when he stopped thinking about sex (an episode called "The Abstinence"), a virgin Tebow is the Ultimate Football Player.
The most hysterical instant reaction goes to SI's Stewart Mandel, who tweeted: "SEC Media Days hits a new low - a writer asked Tim Tebow whether hes a virgin. Unreal."

But the biggest hysteric, taking the time to put 750 words to his outrage, was's Dennis Dodd, who packs a career's worth of rambling sanctimony into one column.

The proper response if he thought the topic was out-of-bounds was NOT to go trolling cynically for sensationalized page views by talking about it, even if he claimed to be condemning it.

More reactions worth reading, across the spectrum:
*Yahoo's Dan Wetzel
*Ben Volin's Gator Bytes
*Deadspin (Ben Cohen)
*'s Chris Low
*Yahoo's Dr. Saturday (Matt Hinton)
*Mike Bianchi, Orlando Sentinel (with an update commending Travis)

And you know who deserves the must-read last word? The guy who asked the question: Clay Travis himself.

All the critics should read Clay's latest post before they continue to take blind potshots.

UPDATE: Interestingly, Tebow as a searched topic -- in any derivation -- barely cracked Google's Top 100 Trends yesterday (No. 97)... and isn't in the Top 100 at all this morning. (Still dominating? EA, which is pretty sad, but sadly predictable. Cool to see yesterday: Buehrle mania!)

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