Thursday, July 23, 2009

Media Day Questions for Tebow: Dan Levy

Tomorrow morning, Tim Tebow will face the media crush as THE headliner of SEC Media Days. Clay Travis has already weighed in with his must-know question: "Tim, are you a virgin?" has reached out to notable folks throughout sports media for their own Media Day questions for Tim, which I will post throughout the day.

Next up: Dan Levy, founder and host of the "On the DL" podcast.

*Do they serve cold cuts in the Phillipines after you circumcise the babies like they do here?
*Did one of the babies ever pee on you? Happened to me as a kid, still not over it.
*Did any part of you die when they erected the memorial wall to you? If so, what part?
*Who would win in a fight, you or Chuck Norris? What if it was a tag-team match with you and *God vs. Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer?
*What does Heaven smell like?

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