Thursday, July 2, 2009

Key to Upsetting Florida: Pass Rush

Can Florida be stopped this year? There is a "silver bullet", says Yahoo's must-read "Doc Saturday," Matt Hinton. The only teams that have found success (think Ole Miss in 2008 or Michigan in the Outback Bowl) have put unusually high heat on Tebow.

Hinton gives LSU the best shot, with Arkansas as the Mississippi-style dark horse. I am less worried about an SEC team than a potential match-up with Texas in the national-title game. At Auburn, defensive coordinator Will Muschamp -- now with UT -- owned the Gators offense.

Last season, I thought only two teams could give Florida a game in the national-title game: Utah, because the coaching staff knows Urban's tendencies, and Texas, because of Muschamp's success against the Gators offense while he was at Auburn.

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