Monday, July 27, 2009

In The News: What Vick's NFL Future Means For Tebow

When non-Tebow news breaks, occasionally it can be -- if tangentially -- linked to Tebow:

Item: NFL reinstates Michael Vick, conditionally.

What does it mean for Tebow? The evolution this season of the "Wildcat" offense -- and its inevitable and varied derivatives -- will be very important for Tebow's NFL future; as NFL coaches stretch the definitions of what it means for a QB (even a part-time QB) to contribute in the NFL in special situations, they will increase the value they place on Tebow's skills.

Presuming Vick won't step in as a starter -- especially not given a regular-season snap until after Week 6 at the earliest -- how coaches use him as a Wildcat-ish specialist (and his success in that usage) will be worth watching (yes, even if Vick's elusive running skills aren't similar to Tebow's up-the-gut running skills).

Meanwhile, off the field, expect plenty of comparisons between Vick, the convicted felon, and Tebow, the quasi-sainted Golden Child.

(Forget Tony Dungy as his mentor: If Vick really wanted to earn some popular cred as "reformed" and "repentant," he would beg Tebow to be his advisor.)

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