Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Best Ever: Tim Tebow vs. Herschel Walker

The AJC's Mark Bradley says Herschel Walker was a better college football player than Tim Tebow, but he leaves open that Tebow could vault Walker after this upcoming season.

In fact, he already puts Tebow in his all-time Top 5 -- just not ahead of Herschel.

In all this "Greatest Ever" talk, that "already" point often gets lost: The only comparison you can make is Tebow's career thus far (three years) versus everyone else's complete career.

Even by that metric, Tebow is in the Top 10 -- probably the Top 5, as Bradley agrees. (That's greatest college football player ever, not just greatest college QB ever.)

Then consider that -- if everything breaks right this season -- he will, additionally:

(1)Win a 3rd national title (while going unbeaten).

(2) Win a 2nd Heisman (or at least finish in the Top 3 for the 3rd straight season)

(3) Set or extend a slew of statistical records.

(4) Create more "Promise"-like mythology creation.

That would clearly put him over the top as the greatest college football player ever. (Make no mistake: The "GOAT" debate will be HUGE over the next 5 months -- it is one of the reasons that this blog was created; how often do we get to watch Greatest of All Time in real-time?)

That said: Through THREE years? Sure: I will absolutely agree that Herschel Walker is on a VERY short list in the "GOAT" conversation, along with -- I would argue -- Vince Young.

While Tebow enjoys some 21st century myth-making advantages, like ESPN and the Internet and YouTube and HD, Herschel has that way-early-80s, "Whoa, Nellie" factor in strong support of his myth.

If you're under 40, you WANT to love Herschel Walker -- you WISH you had the chance to remember seeing him play live, probably more than any other college football player.

Tim Tebow is college football history in progress; there's something awesome about that. Herschel Walker IS college football history.

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