Thursday, July 16, 2009

AOL Fanhouse on the Tebow Backlash

AOL Fanhouse's Michael David Smith (disclaimer: someone who I consider a friend and whose work I admire) does not like the Brennamanization of Tebow coverage, so dubbed for the absurdly fawning coverage by Thom Brennaman during the most recent BCS title game.

Agreed. If anything is going to trigger a Tebow backlash (aka "Tebacklash" -- ooh, that's mine), it will be that kind of gag-inducing fawning. The ESPY red-carpet interview that MDS specifically points to is particularly egregious -- although interviewing on red carpets, sports or otherwise, has never been like the late John Callaway on "Chicago Tonight."

I will stick with my original theory on the Tebacklash, which I repeated again yesterday when asked about the chance of a Tebow backlash by Steve Russell, Sports Director of WRUF in Gainesville:

It's not going to happen. The on-field performances and the walk-the-talk life he lives off the field (even when we only see it filtered through the media) will continue to make even the toughest critics fume with "begrudging respect," rather than haterade.

It's a good thing that Tebow seems to take this fawning in stride and defuse it with humility. It makes it a lot easier to dismiss the media, rather than dismiss the player.

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