Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why Launch a Blog About Tim Tebow?

Why launch a blog about Tim Tebow?

Start here: This is not a fawning fanboy blog – although I am nominally recognized as a huge Tebow fan – but clear-eyed, credible, reliable and comprehensive coverage of a “beat” that happens to be a single athlete: Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

Can’t deny the news value: Tebow is THE biggest name in college football – if not all of sports this fall. Not only does he lead the defending national champs but Florida is the plurality pick to win this year’s title, too. Add the Heisman intrigue to the championship potential and it makes for the fall’s best debate: Greatest college player of all time?

Plus, consider this blog an experiment in online programming: Everyone has heard of the growth of “hyper-local” blogs dedicated to covering very specific geographic areas. This is an experiment in “hyper-topical” blogging – one very specific (if well-known) topic – covered comprehensively. If successful, it could be a template for more “hyper-topical” blogs.

How to measure success of that experiment? First: If this blog’s community and readers are satisfied. But more quantitatively, based on: (1) Audience reach, (2) distribution – including links from other blogs, “passed links” through Twitter and Facebook and accessibility through search – and (3) signals of traction as a self-sustaining business.

What can you expect here? Consider it THE curated, credible, comprehensive resource for all things Tebow, always covered with a fan’s enthusiasm but also with a professional’s filter. While I am transparently (and proudly) biased, I am always interested in as many points of view as possible, along with strong storylines.

There will be original content (daily), links to the best Tebow content on the Web, video clips and photos, game and stats analysis, interviews with and folks who can contribute to the discussion, guest-posts from colleagues, Heisman race-tracking, the best Tebow-related commentary from Twitter and – of course – your comments and contributions.

And, while we’re at it, let’s set an end date: April 23, the day after the 1st round of the 2010 NFL Draft. It will be the end of what will be a two-act drama for Tebow over the next nine months: Act I runs from now until the national championship game – with or without Tebow and the Gators. Act II continues from the end of the college football season until the NFL Draft, where Tebow’s status will be the biggest X-factor of the year.

Take a look through the site archive on the right – you will find more than 50 posts already in place, covering everything from Tebow’s career-defining “Promise” to his invitation to perform my son’s circumcision, from the lead-up into the new college football season to his Heisman chances, from Tebow's place in college football history to his NFL draft stock, from his Google-juicing girlfriends to season-preview magazine porn, from his on-field talents to his off-field beliefs.

As with any great blog, the experience is only as good as its community: Your comments, your contributions and your tips will all make this blog a successful and worthwhile one for everyone.

I make no promises – that’s Tebow’s job – but at the very least, this should be fun.

-- Dan


  1. Dan, you know that all the Tebow/Gator haters are going to be all over you for this new blog! However, speaking on behalf of all the Gators in the extended family and elsewhere--thanks!

  2. Biggest. Navelgazer. Ever.

    At least you stick with things you know rather than embark into areas you are unfamiliar with.

    Good Luck!

  3. What a shock, you doing a Tebow blog???

  4. I want to link your blog to facebook. Is there a link somewhere on this site?

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  6. Great job on the blog. I am also a huge Tebow fan and recently decided to feature him in my ethnic blog title "Tim Tebow: An Ethnic Appreciation." The blog describes a side of Tebow that I like most . . . check it out at (I'd be interested to hear feedback from non-Filipinos).

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