Thursday, July 9, 2009

Again, Lucy Pinder NOT Tebow's Girlfriend

But "Tim Tebow Girlfriend" is, as of this posting, the No. 8 search phrase on Google Trends.

Not quite the same as when Tebow wore the "John 3:16" eyeblack in the national-title game and it spent the next 24 hours as one of the most-searched terms on Google.*

(* - And, according to statements from Urban Meyer relayed from Tebow's mom and dad, that Google search activity was a material reason cited for his return to Florida for one more year.)


  1. Tim Tebow is very lucky and yet very unlucky at the same time

  2. Yes, very lucky in that he is a talented, successful and level-headed young athlete with the skills to get such a girl.

    And very unlucky that this fame has turned him into a strange object of affection/obsession for a mid-30s "journalist" that has nothing better to do than comment so emphatically on the love life of a 21 year old kid.

    This post is just creepy.

  3. I love the fact that the google search activity after the national game played a part in Tebow decision to come back for one more year!!