Tuesday, July 28, 2009

3:30 Read: USA Today Profiles Tebow

3:30 isn't just the kickoff of the Saturday CBS SEC G.O.T.W....

Not much you haven't seen or heard before -- much of the quotes and reporting came off SECMDs -- but worth a read, especially from USA Today. Money quote:
Everyone will follow the leaders. If the leaders aren't complacent, if the leaders still have their edge, if they're still pushing, if they still have that desire, that discipline, that devotion, then everybody else will because they're going to follow the leader.

As a leader, we just have to make sure that every day you come in withan edge, that desire, that hunger, and everybody is going to feed off of that. The team will have that desire, that hunger. And that's how you minimize that complacency. You have a team that's hungry and that still has an edge and something to prove, that still has that chip on their shoulder.
A lot on prep for the season, the transition under Loeffler and general thoughts on leadership.

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