Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dolphins, Wildcat And Tebow's NFL Future

Because all things have to come back to Tim Tebow...

I was pondering Ronnie Brown's performance on Sunday -- he scored 4 TDs (3 run, 1 pass) from 6 direct-snaps (then added another rushing TD from a standard formation).

(1) I'm wondering if we'll see this pop up as a mini-trend in the NFL. Certainly McFadden and LaDainian can pull it off, as can some other RBs. If it baffles Belichick, it makes sense to try.

(2) I'm wondering if this is suddenly Tim Tebow's place in the NFL. I think he can be an every-down QB, but I appreciate that many of you disagree with me. Let's stipulate to it then.

Isn't it possible that Tebow could be installed as a "red-zone specialist," able to either run it in himself (much like Brown, either between or around the tackles) or make the pass?

Now, I'm not sure how many QBs want to specialize in being a "Between-the-2os" QB, giving up the TDs and red-zone opportunities to another guy. (But Pennington sorta did, right?)

Tebow may not reinvent the QB position -- at least not the full-time QB position. But what if he reinvents the position by turning "Red-Zone QB" into a skill-position of its own? (And imagine his fantasy value...)

Let me throw this theory out there, then we can all laugh and file it away for later: I have long suspected that Bill Belichick wants to draft Tebow, (a) because he's tight with Urban Meyer and (b) because as the consummate Xs and Os guy, Belichick is intrigued by the potential described above. Maybe not every drive that lands inside the 20, but often enough to make a difference.

I suspect that after what Ronnie Brown did to his defense this weekend -- over and over and over again -- Belichick will be even more keen to make a move to somehow acquire Tebow.

(But, cripes, can you imagine if the Patriots drafted Tebow? Oh god: Then I'd have to become a Patriots fan. See: Now I'm sure this is going to happen, if only to provide the maximum schadenfreude for the rest of you.)

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